New Direction For Tunes:Uncovered

Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere.

We are changing things up a little bit. Due to Spotify sunsetting the Music+Talk option, we will no longer be able to add music within our podcast. That sounds like a bad thing for a music podcast. But it’s not.

But it does mean a few changes. Some great, and one that’s not so great.

First the good news. Starting with tomorrow’s podcast we will be available on all podcast platforms, not just Spotify. We’ll still be there but we’ll also be on Apple Podcasts, Overcast, I Heart Radio, and more. You. can find us and subscribe using your favorite podcast player.

The biggest change is that we can no longer include songs within the podcast. I won’t bore you with the details but playing songs on a show, or a movie, or a podcast, requires clearance from the artist. Spotify included that in their Music+Talk offering but alas, no longer. Getting individual clearance from artists, labels, and others is both time consuming and expensive. Like really expensive.

With that big change we’ve decided to go another route. We will host the episodes on our own servers (more control!) and link to the songs via YouTube videos, Spotify Playlists and the occasional Amazon/iTunes link.

So what does this mean to you? Firstly, if you are already subscribed through Spotify you should not have any problems. It may take a week or two for the episodes to catch up but your listening should not be impacted.

If you wish to listen using a different platform (Apple, I Heart Radio, etc.) you can now do that. You’re no longer forced to listen through one provider. When and if you choose another provider/platform, use that to subscribe to the show!

We hope this change doesn’t cause too much trouble but it’s a necessary step.

If you have any issues or question please reach out to us at shows @

And as always……Thanks for listening!

Mark & Carey

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